VGA causing script errors

Good afternoon all,

I wondered if anyone else has had this problem and could provide some assistance.

We have ePF setup via a IPKVM in two separate scenarios.

1st, We have a Digital IPKVM connected to the SUT using a HDMI. No problems with the connection and scripts run as should, without any problems.

2nd, We have an IPKVM (Analogue) using a VGA connection. ePF is running very slow when constructing our scripts and when the scripts are ran against the SUT, they randomly fail or pass, but theirs no consistency with them.

Reason being behind using the VGA, some of the system we test are rather “aged” so they do no have HDMI, nor the means to use an RDP (we need to be non-obtrusive).

Any advice would be appreciated



anyone got any ideas?

Have you determined whether the scripts are failing due to timing issues, or are the failures related to a discrepancy between the images and how they are rendered?

Hello, Yes it turned out to be timing over image quality.

Workaround was to open up VNC before connecting SUT through eggplant and play around with some of the settings under EDID.

No issues after, although we have found using a KVM instead of RDP has been quite timing sensitive but never to the point were it becomes unworkable.