Using VV to salvage damaged computer: install & config i

I have two computers with me on a trip. One’s a Mac G4 Ti Powerbook, the others’ a Mac G3 Powerbook. The screen on the G4 was seriously damaged and isn’t working. I’ve been using Firewire to lash the two machines together and at least gain access to the G4’s files. (I don’t have time at the moment to repair the G4 or hunt around for a standalone screen.) Processing is VERY slow on the G3 compared to the G4.

VV may offer a way to work with the G4, which is intact except for the screen. So I downloaded the trial version of VV, installed the Server on the G4 via Firewire, and the Viewer on the G3. Set all the settings right, adjusted my security on the G4, etc.

However, when I connect, I get an infinite number of recursions of the G3’s screen, which suggests to me that I’m connecting to the same machine on both ends of the circuit, a loop. The G4 isn’t part of the loop. I think the problem is installing via the Firewire, which means when I invoke the Server, somehow it’s acting as if it’s on the G3. What do you think? What’s the answer, if there is one?

I imagine that there is a whole aftersale market of people who own working machines that have interface problems, for which VV would be a good solution. It might need to be repackaged for greater ease of use (with just one purpose, usually for one machine), but then it would have wide appeal.

You’ll need to reboot the G4 – if it’s still running in target disk mode then everything is actually running on your G3.

Vine should be a great solution to your broken screen problem. Good luck.

Doug, you’re correct, it stopped recursions when I disconnected the Firewire and rebooted. Unfortunately, it stopped entirely. There’s no visible server in the Connection List. The only way to go back and tweak it is by returning to Target mode using the Firewire. This could go on and on. Tomorrow, I’ll give it another try, now that the software’s all installed. Thank you!