using ssh within a shell process

We can use our script with telnet but it does not appear to work with ssh. When using ssh we do not see a password prompt from the read; however, we can ssh to the remote host from a terminal window.

Please advise.

put "/bin/bash" into vncset
open process vncset

write "ssh -l <user> <hostip>" & return to process vncset
wait 4
read from process vncset until end
put it

I think you’re going to have to include the password information in the ssh command itself. We’ve seen a similar issue when trying to run mysql interactively – the process needs to complete before the output is written to whatever buffer eggPlant is reading from.

what would the ssh command look like if I add the password to it

OK you were correct we only saw output once we closed the ssh session.


I was wrong about including the password in the connect command – I think I was confusing the syntax with that of Telnet or FTP. But you could set up a public key pair so that you don’t need to enter the password when logging in.