Using OSXVNC totally 'headless'?

Is it possible to run OSXVNC completely without a monitor?

I ask because i assumed ( i know. i know. ) that i could. so i pulled an old machine out of the closet to set up as a little fileserver. i figured that i’d be able to just set it all up and stick it in the closet - nope.

When i ssh into the machine i can see that OSXVNC server keeps repeatedly launching and dying over and over and over again.

Is that because that machine does not know what resolution it’s running in because it has no monitor connected??

Is this possible?

I’d hate to see how it’d be to manage V Tech’s 1100 X-Serves =)

You are essentiall correct. Particularly with older Macs, if no monitor was plugged in when they booted up they would “turn off” the video system altogether. You can verify this yourself by later plugging in a monitor and seeing that it still won’t get a signal.

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