Using Omega 13 across Multiple Suites

I am having trouble using Omega 13 across multiple suites. Here is my situation, I have suites and scripts that represent the applications I am testing and separate suites and scripts for the test procedures. For instance, let’s say I have a suite called bicycle and a script in that suite called bicycleObject. The bicycleObject script contains handles that represent the functions of a bicycle. Also, I have another suite called car, which contains a script called carObject that is similar to bicycleObject. Finally I have another suite called testVehicles, which contains several scripts that use carObject and bicycleObject.

I noticed that for Omega 13 to fully work with this construct I have to place an attemptRecovery script in every suite. At first I just placed an attemptRecovery script in the testVehicles suite, but I received an error message indicating Omega 13 was unable to find an attemptRecovery script. I realized the missing image error occurred in a handle inside the bicycleObject script, which is in the bicycle suite and this suite does not have an attemptRecovery script.

I wish to avoid placing an attemptRecovery script in every suite, especially since the attemptRecovery scripts would be exactly the same. Is there a way to make Omega 13 use the same attemptRecovery script? For instance, can I create a suite called Util, place an attempt Recovery script in that suite and if Omega 13 is unable to find an attemptRecovery script in the current suite use the attemptRecovery script in Util? Also, is it possible for me to modify Omega 13 directly? If so, where is the file/script located so I can make modifications?

Update: I figured out a workaround. I wrote a shell script that finds all directories that end in .suite and then I create a symbolic link in the Scripts directory of these .suite directories that link to the “master” attemptRecovery in Util.suite/Scripts; the shell script skips linking if the directory is Util.suite, since it holds the original attemptRecovery. I would still prefer a solution internal to eggPlant functional.