using iterators clicking on different text link?

Hi champs

Please help me out on iterator
I am trying to click on different textlink s using iterator in an loop?
How do I do in loop ?

Here is my sample :

repeat with each link in (“textlink1”,“textlink2”,“textlink3”…“textlink10”)

Put “clicking” &link&

Click on each link
end repeat

Please suggest what is the best way approach for clicking different text link s in loop

thank you

I’d like to request that for actual support issues you please use email to the support address. The forums are better for more general discussions where you’re willing to wait for community input. Working through email allows us to associate your case with your account, which is the entity which has a support contract. It’s also much easier for us to exchange images, files, and formatted code samples. You will also get a much quicker response via email; the forums are generally addressed only when there is nothing else in he queue.

Thanks fr the reply
Help me out fr this iterators?