Using Eggplant with Perforce or Clearcase?


I am a software tester at Kodak, and now that we have 4 people working on Eggplant scripts we are in desperate need of some kind of Version Control. Currently we have site licenses for both Clearcase and Perforce.

I was wondering if anyone uses either of these for Eggplant scripts, or if anyone had any suggestions about which might work better.

I am currently leaning towards Perforce as it seems to have better support for Macs.

My specific question would be how well does either support images?

Thanks so much!


We use P4 here at MakeMusic. It’s got about the best mac support that I know of (I’ve looked at a ton of SCM over the last few years). Perforce also has great support for images or any other binary file for that matter. Their philosophy is that anything can be a source file, not just .script or .cpp files.

There are a bunch of things that we don’t check in to make life easier. We check in the scripts, images and imageinfo files, the run history, and the suiteinfo files. We don’t check in the results and text images. You will definitely not want to try to check in the ICON file that makes the suite folder look pretty–P4 will not let you anyway.

If you have some other specific questions, I’d be happy to help.


Also, keep in mind that when using most version control systems you’ll be better off keeping your scripts in Plain text format rather than Rich text. This generally helps a lot when comparing different versions of a script. Eggplant will still colorize the script whenever you are editing it, so the only thing you lose is the ability to use multiple fonts within a script.

To use Plain Text scripts, choose that default setting in Preferences -> Script -> General for new scripts. For existing scripts, open each one that’s in Rich Text Format, choose Format -> Make Plain Text from the menu and then save the script.

Good tip. I set that so long ago that I forgot about it.

Thanks Allen! That was exactly what I was looking to find out! I really appreciate the response