Using a single script to address multiple PCs

I am trying to use a single script to simultaneously start the same program on three pc’s (running XP). You can see in my screenshot that I have scripted three clicks on the windows start button (same image, 3 diff pcs). What I am looking to do is to be able to change which pc is addressed by which command. I think that I read this is possible.

this will make editing much easier–if i can just copy and paste a command and change which pc the command applies to.

Thanks for any help


You’re looking for the “connect” command.

Connect "PC1"
Click "Start"
Connect "PC2"
Click "Start"
Connect "PC3"
Click "Start"

If you really want to run the same script against three machines at the same time, then you should consider purchasing some execution-only licenses of eggPlant. These will allow you to launch additional instances of the same script running against different SUTs.

Thanks so much for the quick response