Use existing SSH configuration

I have a number of hosts set up in my ~/.ssh/config file, along with a pair of keys in ~/.ssh and corresponding entries in the authorized_keys files on the servers.

I’d like to be able to get Vine Viewer to work with those files when I tell it to use SSH. For example, say I have an SSH host defined that is called “MyHost”. I want to be able to enter “MyHost” into the server field in Vine Viewer, and have it reference the SSH config file in my home directory for all the details, including logging in with the key pair instead of a password.

Is this possible? If not, consider this a feature suggestion. :slight_smile:

Vine Viewer has it’s own default ssh_config file. It is located inside the Application (Vine

Our recommendation is to copy your settings into that file. Alternatively you can take the appropriate entries from our config and set them in your ~/.ssh/config and replace our config file with a symbolic link from inside the app.

That sounds like a good work-around, thanks. I’d still like to request support for the usual user-level SSH config file, for three reasons:

  • It keeps all SSH configuration for each user in a single place.

  • It lets multiple users on a machine have different configurations for one copy of the application (especially important for key files).

  • It avoids having to do updates to the app config file every time the application is updated. (Although, I’ll acknowledge that adding the bits from the app’s file to the user file would avoid this.)

I hope you’ll consider this change in a future release.