Usage of Merge function

Hi Testplant team.,

What is the usage of merge function in eggPlant. Can you please explain with example.
What I am understanding from this command we can generate html reports. If yes then please send me example code for create html report for last execution…

Thanks in advance .

I would rate my self as a beginner but I see the importance of Merge () used in EggPlant.

I haven’t tried with an example that I could show you but may be worth to read this document -

Not sure if you come across this but please ignore if you already read this doc.

By reading this doc, you would see the reliability of Merge function and yes, I’ll try and let you know the results.

Would love to hear if anyone have feedback with the Merge ()

There’s an example of how to generate an HTML report at The merge function provides part of the solution, but that’s not all there is to it.