Upgrading from OSXvnc to Vine 1.1

This is something that should be put into the FAQ. I am sure this is a basic question but I am a Linux user and just starting to use the Mac. Should I uninstall the old OSXvnc then install Vine 1.1 or can I just install Vine? And is that the proper way to upgrade programs on a Mac.

Thank you.

Vine Server (2.0 and higher) replace OSXvnc so yes typically you would just add Vine Server to your Applications and throw the OSXvnc 1.71 away. If you want to keep it until you are comfortable with Vine Server they can both remain on your hard drive quite happily.

If you have configured a System Server in the Startup tab then you will probably want to use Vine Server to configure a NEW System Server which will automatically replace the old one.

For most mac programs, all you do is drop the application in the trash and empty it. What I did when I upgraded was

  1. Stop the system server
  2. Trash the app
  3. Reboot, just to be safe.
  4. Plop the new VINE server into the app folder and configure it.

I suppose a script could accomplish the above if you have Bonjour running on your SUT’s

Welcome to Mac :D. Your CLI skills will come in handy.


Your internet’s faster than mine :wink:

I didn’t realize that Vine would just blow the old system server away.