Upgraded osxvnc-server, now Command keys don't work

Hi, I recently upgraded my old 3.1 beta osxvnc-server with the latest one from Vine Server 3.12. Suddenly, command keys aren’t registering, as if they are being ignored.

The server is started with these switches (any typos are mine just now from re-keying it into this post):

-rfbport 5901 -desktop iMac -rfbnoauth -localhost -SystemServer 1 -nevershared -restartonuserswitch N -UnicodeKeyboard 0 -keyboardLoading N -pressModsForKeys N -EventTap 3 -swapButtons -rendezvous N

Any idea what’s going on? I’m using TightVNC Viewer 1.5.3.


Nothing comes to mind – we definitely change anything with respect to how modifiers are handled. A few questions to consider about how you are using it:
[list]*What keyboard layout are you using (US-101 works best)?
*Are you working with an offscreen user (Fast User Switching)?
*The relevant setting in Vine Server are Under the Advanced tab Keyboard Events and Event Source, you might try other settings

Hi Jonathan, thanks for your quick reply.

Keyboard layout? They’re just standard US keyboards, as far as I know.

No offscreen users, just a straightforward VNC connection.

As far as the Vine settings, I’ve been using osxvnc since before Vine existed, and since I only set it up once every few years, I kind of forget the specifics. I didn’t think I had been using Vine to configure it, I seem to recall manually keying the right switches into the LaunchAgent .plist, but I’ll check it out.

Oh, one more thing that’s interesting. When connecting with the RealVNC client, the Command key works. When connecting with TightVNC, it doesn’t. Nothing else has changed in the last few months other than the new version of the server software.

Is it normal to have two copies of JaguarBundle? I have one at /Library/Application Support/VineServer/Resources/Contents/MacOS, and another at /Library/Application Support/VineServer/Resources/JaguarBundle.bundle/Contents/MacOS. I also get log entries stating that class VNCBundle is implemented in both TigerBundle and JaguarBundle, not sure if that’s significant or not.


Edit: I just noticed that Alt on my local PC keyboard is getting translated into Option on the VNC’ed Mac. ??