unknown message type 167 with Apple Remote Desktop

I’m trying to use the RealVNC viewer from a Windows machine to talk to a Mac running OS X 10.4.3 and Apple Remote Desktop. It almost works, and in fact one time it did work, but on every subsequent attempt, I get “unknown message type 167.” The message comes up after I give the VNC password, and while the screen is initially drawing. Every other VNC viewer I’ve tried also fails to connect.

We’ve found ARD to not be very reliable. Crashes/lockups and difficulty connecting seem common. That coupled with it’s extremely limited configuration options are one of the reasons we continue to support OSXvnc

We suggest that you switch to OSXvnc http://www.redstonesoftware.com/osxvnc for your connection needs and disable Apple Remote Desktop in System Preferences->Sharing->Service un-check the box next to Apple Remote Desktop.