Uninstalling Eggplant


I recently got laid off from a company where we were using Eggplant. During our evaluation period I was working from home and installed Eggplant on my personal Mac. I would now like to uninstall it as this versions trial license has expired and I have no plans of buying my own license. How do I do this?


Drag the eggplant bundle from the applications folder to the trash. That oughtta do it.

Simply delete Eggplant.app – usually it’s installed in your /Applications folder. That’s all there is to it.

Oh, if you really want to be complete, you can also delete the preferences files. They are called com.redstonesoftware.Eggplant.plist and com.redstonesoftware.TextPlatforms.plist and are both located in the Library/Preferences folder under your home folder.

Thanks. It is now uninstalled. It hurts to leave the Eggplant community so soon. I was just getting comfortable with it and appreciate the answers I’ve gotten from people on this forum.

Thanks again.

Maybe you’ll have an opportunity to join us again someday.

Best wishes!