Understanding 'Too Large' error


I’ve run into an error message that calls itself ‘Too Large’. I seen a forum that dealt with it before and the person tried to make changes that involved testing on Windows XP. I’m running on a Linux box instead. What does the ‘Too Large’ error really mean and does anyone know what I can do to combat it. One thing I should mention is that this only started showing up within the last few days and the only thing I have done different recently was change the VNC setup Eggplant uses to show as a dual-monitor setup, but other scripts I have ran did not have this problem.

Any help is appreciated.

Can you please post the exact error that you are getting and describe when you are getting it?

This almost always indicates some kind of misalignment with a protocol or something. Either with VNC or with a TIG.


The error message reads "Text Image Generator Error: ‘Too Large’ while reading Image Info Size from Server (localhost:XXXX). I’m getting this at the statement "WaitFor 200, (Text:“Image Text”), which it waits for a text image to appear. Long before it gets a chance to show, the error appears.


What is your default Text Platform and what are the Text Generation settings for it?

This is a problem getting the TextImage back from the TIG, it’s getting an incorrect return value.

Our text platform is our own custom one; we’re not using Windows Classic. Text Generation Settings are “external” and "localhost, if that makes sense.

I think I know what happened regarding our custom one and am working on correcting this now. This helped though. Thanks so much.

…and I was wrong. It was seeing our file that identified the text platform. Let me know if you need anything from me to help with this. Thanks.

I think something is wrong in your Generator Definition for your Text Platform. Either it’s not connecting to the right port (5899 by default) or it’s not connecting to the right machine.

We are using “localhost” and the default port. We even changed the port to a different value and it still gave the same issue.

If you are running on Eggplant on Linux then TestPlant doesn’t offer a Linux based Text Image Generator(TIG). So “localhost” might not be what you want.

What TIG are you trying to connect to? Have you verified that the TIG is running (and verified that it’s running on the correct port)?

I have been running localhost because eggplant has been running on my machine, and it is running on my machine for sure. Thing is, though, it had been working that way for a while. This problem has only occurred in the last three days and is only exclusive to me; others have had no problem.

It does sound specific to our flavor of the TIG since we did have someone write up a script that did start it up in Linux. Thanks, again.