Unable to use eggplant on windows 7


I installed eggplant and entered the license which works fine. When I open eggplant, I attempted to open a suite and script but the script and suite editors were not opening. I uninstalled eggplant and reinstalled again. This time it is not opening at all. Can anyone help out? I have attached a screenshot with the error I am getting.

How are you trying to launch eggPlant? Does it work when launching eggPlant through the Start Menu?

The error would indicate that you are trying to launch eggPlant by running the Eggplant.exe file inside Eggplant.app. The application MUST be launched using the eggPlant.exe (eggPlant.bat prior to v12.10) file in the \Program Files\eggPlant\ installation directory. This is what the desktop and Start Menu shortcuts link to and when it is run, it sets up the paths that eggPlant needs to find things like the dll referenced in the screenshot.