Unable to run the script using Excution License Key


I Installed the Eggplant Excution license in my PC.
The Expires date of License is 2015/10/31.but, now i can’t open the script and not able to connect the VNC too.

Kindly do the needfull.

R.Hari Ragavenderan

R. Hari,

I strongly recommend reaching out to TestPlant’s Support team directly for an urgent issue like this. You can email them at support@testplant.com If you can forward more details of the behavior you are seeing, that would be appreciated. Send screenshots with the email if you believe it would be helpful. Do you also have a Development license installed on your machine? A development license is required to be able to use the eggPlant Functional GUI. Please explain the method you are taking to open a script and what happens when you try to do so. Which method are you taking to connect to VNC? What happens when you try to connect? What is your System Under Test? Which VNC Server are you using?