UltraVNC doesn't work with Eggplant?

I installed UltraVNC in my machine X (this is the machine which hosts the tested application). I then activate the connection to machine X from Eggplant, but it failed with error as shown in the attachment.

There was no such connection issue when I connected to this machine X from other machine Y. This made me to believe that UltraVNC doesn’t work with Eggplant in Mac OS. Is there any idea on how to resolve this?

As a work-around, I used WinVNC instead of UltraVNC. The connection works and I don’t see similar issue with UltraVNC. On the other hand, I’m worried WinVNC might not be working with most of the OS (e.g. Vista etc)…

Please advice. Thanks.

This issue was posted in another thread. Please go here: