Typing Numbers on an Image Based Keypad

Hey Everybody!

Long time no Eggplant!

I’m trying to type a number onto a Keypad on an iPhone App. They keypad is all graphics. I’m sure I need to write some type of handler that does something like.

Set “1” to “ImageForKeyOne”
Set “2” to “ImageForKeyTwo”

Then Type it

TypeText “234”

But errrr… I don’t know where to start on the handler.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Graphic attached.

You can find information about working with custom soft keyboards on mobile devices in our documentation here: http://docs.testplant.com/?q=typing-on-soft-keyboards

You could potentially also use the OCR to find each number and then click the foundimagelocation() of that number, depending on your testing needs and desired approach.