TypeText resulting in munged text

Good afternoon all,

I’m having difficulty with the following script:

Click "Person Field"
TypeText "\o\v"
Click "Joe Johnson"
Click "Project Field"
TypeText "\o\v"
Click "New Project Field"
(* The line immediately below (or perhaps above) is causing the issue! *)
TypeText "Eggplant"
Click "Date Field"
Click "Other Date"
Click "Date Text Field"
(* This line is causing problems too! *)
TypeText "111504"
Click "Duration Field"
Click "Six Point Five"
Click "Add Time"
WaitFor 8.0, "New Project Result"

The resulting text is pretty mangled (“Eggplant? yields ?? ???” on the SUT). I thought the problem might be related to VNC but I was able to switch from capture to live mode and type the text by hand and it appeared properly on the SUT.

The Eggplant system is a G5 runnning OS X 10.3.6. The connection to the SUT (G4 running OS X 10.3.2) is via OSXvnc.

BTW, the test succeeds but is storing “junk” in the test database.



Your problem is almost certainly that you are putting the Option Key down but never releasing it, although it get’s released when the script ends. Try replacing

TypeText "\o\v"


TypeText "\o\v\O"

And your script is likely to run much more smoothly.

That fixed it. I knew it was going to be something simple (yet knew nothing more…).

Thanks again,