TypeText on Android

I set this global:

set global whatever to “https://vmdev2.mfoundry.com/tweety/wap/home

Then when I TypeText it into the Chrome Browser on an Android phone the / are replaced with :

like so


Thanks for any help!

I’m sure eggPlant is sending the instruction to type a slash, the question is where that goes bad at the other end. What happens if you try to type the same thing into a text document or some other app? Are you using DroidVNC? Do you need to do anything special to type a slash on a Droid?


If you look at the Android Keyboard… there is a button to push to type characters… “?123”.

I could push that I guess and hit the keys as images.

I Am using DroidVNC

All these have the problem.

typeText formattedTime("%m/%d/%Y", the date - 30 days)

TypeText “http://www.yahoo.com

TypeText “Any Characters in Fact”

It seems that when typing onto the iPhone keyboard via VNC… it’s gets that you are typing characters and not letters… Android not that smart.

Hmmmm… what to do?

Also, I left a comment asking some DroidVNC dude for advice on “keybindings” here:

Is there some other Android VNC Server I should try?