TypeText "abcd" sometimes randomly repeat character(s)

Running Functional via KVM, TypeText “abcd”, for example, sometimes randomly repeat character(s), should the Preference -> Keyboard parameters be adjusted?

That could help, but there’s no definitive answer. I can say that Eggplant Functional is only sending the events that you have scripted – it’s the KVM that is producing the duplication. I guess I would start by increasing the Next Key Delay setting, although it’s possible (although counterintuitive) that increasing the Key Down Delay could also have a beneficial effect.

Since there is an image to identify whether correct text string is entered, I used a repeat imageFound or not imageFound loop as a work around to solve the issue, which works well so far. Tried to increase the “Key Down Delay” by .002 and set the “Send shift key down for capitals” to “Never”, which seems not fully fix the input issue. Thanks for the reply!