Two different SUTs same eggplant machine

I am connected to two different SUTs from the same Linux box. SUT # 1 is a Windows machine and SUT #2 is a Linux machine. I start running the script against SUT #1 and halfway through the test I call for the script that runs on SUT #2. It doesn’t work. Even if i start them both manually they still will not run. I will start the script for SUT #1 and a few seconds later the script for SUT #2. Script for SUT #2 will return a message saying it could not find image and script for SUT #1 seems to be in pause.

Both scripts work when the are run individually. They fail when they are run in parallel.

(BTW only have a single eggplant license. I do not know if this could be the issue.)

Do you start script #2 with a connect command so that Eggplant knows that it should be running against a different SUT? Eggplant tries to execute whatever commands it’s given against the current connection; if that connection needs to change, you need to add code to do it explicitly. Search the help for the Connect command; there are examples of how it is used.

I am connected to both SUTs when I begin the test.

That is not the same thing. Yes, you have two connections, but only one of them is the “active” connection, the one that commands are sent across. You have to tell Eggplant which connection to use when it sends mouse and keyboard events – it doesn’t just know. There’s nothing recorded about what SUT a script was recorded against (and scripts are meant to be transportable across different SUTs). The connect command is not used only to establish connections, but also to specify the active connection. So you can say:

Connect "MyLinuxSUT"
-- do some stuff
Connect "MyWindowsSUT"
-- do some stuff

You can do even do this within a single script, so I hope you can see why it’s necessary to be explicit about what connection is meant to be receiving the commands.