Trouble with FUS on Leopard, mistyping in Snow Leopard

I’ve had two issues that are preventing me from continuing to test using Eggplant.

  1. On Leopard with two users on a single machine, I render png’s but they don’t show up, nor do they render when I export them as other image formats in the software I’m testing.

When this failed, I switched to using a nearby SUT running Snow Leopard and Vine 3.1 (which I later upgraded to 3.11 with no affect).

  1. On Snow Leopard, testing from Eggplant on Leopard, I get TypeText errors, typing a string of extra characters probably 10% of the time. For example, I want to go to /opt/local/foo/bar and so I TypeCommand “g” then type “/opt/local” and I’ll get "/opt/local/foo/oobar or some other extra characters.

I’ve tried slowing down the typing in Run Options->Keyboard but to no avail. Any other ideas?

I’m not quite sure if you are referring to
[list]a problem in Eggplant (matching using a PNG image) or
If your SUT/AUT doesn’t render a different PNG or
If it’s not coming through VNC (seems odds)[/list:u]
I recommend making sure you are using the US Keyboard and that you have the following Advanced Prefs set:

  1. It turns out that it’s a bug in the sw I was testing (yea, Eggplant), that’s a bit hard to reproduce, but I found it.

  2. I could make most of those settings changes, but I can’t connect when selecting “Use OpenGL API’s” so I’ve left that one unchecked. After a reboot, it’s now running better and typing consistently.

Would you suggest always leaving the settings this way (local or remote SUT), and why?


Those are the preferred settings when working against a dedicated SUT running on the console (main screen).

Specifically the keyboard settings need to be different when running against an off-screen (Fast-User-Switched) account. Running in that configuration can work but can also suffer from limitations of Apple’s off-screen session handling.