Trouble generating TextImage

I am investigating whether I can use Eggplant to automate a new internal application at work & am running into a problem. I can’t seem to generate a text image for the menu items. I am not sure if the issue is because I have the wrong font or because the font itself is antialiased or something else.

I have attached a screen cap of one of the menu items below so that you can see what I am talking about. According to the developers the font should be Arial but I am running this on a Win XP machine so it’s possible that it’s actually Tahoma. I believe that the font color is 204,204,204 but I am not 100% sure.

Has anyone ever run into this before or have an idea of what I am doing wrong?



P.S. - I know that I could simply use images but I would like to have the option of using either images or text images depending on the situation.

Hi Chris–

By the looks of it the text is white, and smaller than 10 point. I also don’t think it’s Tahoma, but that’s just at first blush. I would recommend decreasing the point size by .25 point. At font sizes smaller than 10 point the TIG tends to generate a bit larger and we’ve found that instead of 10 point use 9.75 point, etc.

Let us know if this doesn’t help.


Zoom in on that image: you have LCD sub-pixel alignment turned on, which you’ll see blue and brown instead of just black and white. Turn that off in your Display Settings.

Sorry for the lateness of the reply but I got bust at work & then I took Memorial Day week off.

It appears that the font color was the issue. As soon as I changed it to white, as FHQWHGADS suggested it started working. Thanks for the idea.

viztester, I will look into the sub-pixel alignment setting for my monitor.

Thanks all.