Too much frame data


I’m developing a custom VNC client to effectively capture single frames from a remote machine using Vine Server 3.0 (1012) as the server. This is running on Mac OS X 10.4 by the way.

I’m at the point where I can successfully connect to and authenticate with the server. I then send the frame buffer update request message, indicating the screen area I’m interested in, and receive the frame update data in response.

My problem is that I am receiving too much frame update data for the area I specified.

For example I request a frame update for a 320x240 pixel area of the remote screen. I receive only a single rectangle of update area, for the whole 320x240 pixel area. The pixel format is 4 bytes per pixel i.e. alpha, R, G & B, and I’m working with raw encoded pixels. So I would expect 320x240x4 bytes of data. I do get this amount of data, but there is an additional 20 or so pixels’ worth of additional data (80 bytes) appended.

This is causing me something of a problem. Does anyone know what might be causing this please ? Is it a bug ?

Thanks in advance,

We’re still looking into this, for further info follow the new thread: