To Write value stored in the Suit variable to Applescript


I am new user of EggPlant.For my application automation I want to store the value which is read from the EggPlant suit variable to Apple script .In Apple script we are writing those values to excel file.
This is I have tried, but not able to writ the value of suit variable to excel file.
----- ------------ - This the code - --------- ----
global test1
put “123” into test1
answer “test”&test1

do AppleScript {{

tell application “Microsoft Excel”
set test to “sssss”
open “Leopard:Users:rajan:Documents:MyData.xls”
insert into (character 0 of range “A2” ) string test
end tell

I am enclosing the excel file also.Please provide me the solution for this query.
In excel file it has to write 123 in A2 cell.

Thanks in Advance…