TIG on Linux

I encountered this error during the test run. I have had the Pango bundle setup in library folder and add some Linux properties in preference. Do I need to do extra setup to get rid of this error below? Please advice. Thanks
Text Image Server unable to write Image Info to Text Image Generator pg-rhe5-32-1:5899

This error indicates that Eggplant is trying to contact an external Text Image Generator, not the Pango TIG. Check that the CurrentTextPlatform is set to Pango, or else that you are specifying the text platform for the individual text image.

So, either do this (simpler if you’ll mainly be using Pango):

set the CurrentTextPlatform to "Pango"

or this, if you’ll be switching between different text platforms a lot:

click (text:"Something", textPlatform:"Pango")

ok, the previous error was gone. And now i get this:
Unable to generate text image the Pango text image generator could not be loaded.
It sounds like the Pango not complete? I find the help to setup Pango in the Eggplant documentation is quite brief, perhaps you can shed some light over here?

What I did:

  1. Download Pango bundle and put it in the library folder
  2. Add new platform (Linux)
  3. Set Pango (Linux) as text image generator
  4. In my script, add this line
set the CurrentTextPlatform to "Pango"
  1. Add 1 text styles to Pango
  2. Run my test and I get the above error

Make sure you have the correct Pango bundle:
PangoIntel.bundle if you are on an Intel-based Mac
PangoPPC.bundle if you are on a PowerPC-based Mac
Make sure the bundle is in one of the following folders:
~/Library/Frameworks/ (where ~ indicates your home folder)
If it still won’t load then something else must be wrong (permissions, perhaps?). Let us know if that resolves your problem.