TIG for solaris

Hi all,

We are testing an application on solaris. We need to validate lots of text generated in the application.

Eggplant’s TIG feature is most suited for our testing. Sadly i could not find any TIG’s for solaris.

Can some one please guide me regarding the same.


There is no TIG executable for Solaris. To generate Text Images for Solaris, you will need to create what we call a “scripted TIG.” There is a document at http://www.testplant.com/documentation/Writing%20a%20TIG.pdf that describes this process. Essentially you’re typing the text on a Solaris machine (either on the SUT itself or on a similarly configured Solaris box), then capturing an image of the typed text and trying to match it against the application. This can be a fairly simple thing to set up if you just need text in single font/size/decoration with consistent colors; it becomes more complex if you need to use several fonts, change the properties, or use different font colors and background colors. But once it’s written, its use is transparent; if you set it as the text platform, your text image calls will use it to generate text images with no other changes.

It’s very difficult to create a standalone TIG application for any *nix implementation. The UNIX Font Rendering FAQ, “? knowing which font formats are supported, or where font files are installed/located depends on the implementation of your X11 Server, or of the X11 Font Server, which itself depends on your system’s setup.” That makes building a TIG server for UNIX platforms challenging. That said, we do hope to provide improved TIG functionality for other platforms in the future.

I made a mistake on the link to the TIG documentation – that document outlines how to write a TIG executable. The description of how to create a scripted TIG can be found in the Using Eggplant manual; look for the “TIG Scripts” section. Please contact support via email if you have further questions.

Thanks Matt

Thanks a bunch for your help.

I’ve got some perl scripts that may be of use to you. Let me know if you are interested.