Text Image Properties setup by user?

We are currently setting Text Image properties on our Mac machine. Initially we login to this Mac machine with account X and performed the settings. Test scripts created under account X using text image can run perfectly.

Then, somebody login the same machine with account Y and trying to use the text image properties that setup by X earlier on. However, Y notice that the text image properties were not there. He couldn’t use text image in his test script unless he setup the same text image properties under his account Y.

The above scenario leads me to think that text image properties setup is done by user profile. Can we setup text image properties in such a way that we only setup once and it can be seen by different users (login with different accounts)? Is this possible? Please advice.

Ai Choo

The text platform properties, as you guessed, are stored for each user in their ~/Library/Preferences folder, in a file called com.redstonesoftware.TextPlatforms.plist. To share the text platform settings, just copy that file into the ~/Library/Preferences folder of the other user. The text platform information is separate from the other preference settings (which are in the file com.redstonesoftware.Eggplant.plist) so you can easily copy them like this without affecting any of the user’s other preferences.

This is described in the section “Sharing Text Platforms with Other Users” in the Eggplant Reference manual (on p. 106 in the current version).

We’ve actually checked ours into source control, and made a symbolic link to it. That works pretty well, unless you make changes to your text platforms, which overwrites the link and you have to re-create it.