Text Finding


Have been trying to get text finding to work for a while and have not been able too. Have encountered the following problems:

  1. Using Firebug the text font, style, colour etc can be found however it finds the colour in hex i.e. #F7CE47. There does not appear to be a way to enter hex into the colour palette. The workaround was to use a website to translate hex into RGB.
  2. The text has a font-weight of 700. There is only a bold option and no way to add a search criteria of font-weight.
  3. On a different GUI it actually found something but it reported multiple finds when there was only one on screen.

Screenshot attached for the text on 1. and 2. - the text is a dialog title.

There is some things that can’t be tested without text finding. For instance random name generation. As a screenshot would be different every time.

Are you using the OCR feature? Or are you trying to do this via the TIG feature? All the settings about style and size only apply when using Text Images. The OCR feature just looks for text regardless of size, style, or font. You do have some control over the color of the text that it looks for. Posting your code would be helpful.

Assuming you are running the latest release of eggPlant, the OCR search should find your text if you use code like this:

put imageFound(text:"DialogTitle", contrast:on, contrastColor:white, validCharacters:"*")

We have a post with tips on using the OCR feature here.

Great thanks :smiley:

This info should help a lot.


Trying to find some text on screen using the OCR. Throws an error about connecting to the eggplant.app. Screenshot shows code and error.


There’s no screenshot. Check your eggPlant Preferences. Under the Text panel, the Platform should be set to Generic OCR. My guess is that yours is set to Windows Classic and that the Text Engine is set to External. I suspect that the actual error message was about not being able to connect to the Text Image Generator, which is not used when doing an OCR search.

The text preferences are set to ‘Generic OCR’.

Sorry. I hadn’t seen any of your images up until now because it turns out that FireFox and Chrome don’t display TIFF images.

It looks like something went wrong with your installation and you are missing some resources. Please try downloading and installing the application again.

Downloaded a new .dmg file. Moved to the trash the eggplant.app file and removed from dock on all accounts.

Installed the new eggplant.app on the original Admin account. Logged into one of the other accounts and ran the script. Same problem. Is it to do with having multiple MAC accounts on the eggplant server and running eggPlant from a different account than the one installed?

All accounts have Admin access.


What happens if you run from the account where you installed the application? Are you installing it to /Applications?

We have just purchased 4 floating licenses so I will try this again when we are using or own accounts running on our own Mac’s (the recommended setup) and not a shared Mac Mini with multiple accounts.

On the Mac Mini I had installed eggPlant into //Applications.