Tell me about ".it"

I hired a guy who is much more programmery than I am. Anyway… he used .it and I really can’t figure out what it does…

Can someone point me to a tutorial?


put (ButtonPage: 2, ButtonWS: "ButtonWebsite-Flickr", URLimg: "URLWebsite-Flickr")  into pFlickr

put pYouTube &&& pTVcom &&& pNetFlix &&& pESPN &&& pHulu &&& pFacebook &&& pCNN &&& pVimeo &&& pNBC &&& pCBS &&& pMLB &&& pFlickr into pLists

if It.ButtonPage equal 2 then
if DoOnce equal 0 then
WaitFor 8.0, “Page2”
Click “Page2”
add 1 to DoOnce
end if
end if

I think you may have left out a key piece of the code – references to “it” are usually inside a repeat loop. The “it” variable is a built in variable that holds (among other things) the current iteration of the repeat loop. So when you are iterating over a list, such as your pLists list, “it” will contain the current list item, and “it.ButtonPage” will refer to the ButtonPage property of the current item. Does that make sense? See also Appendix B of the SenseTalk Reference, titled ‘All About “It”’.