Symlink Getting Obliterated

Hello All–

We have 5 Eggplant developers, using source control (Perforce). We rely heavily on our customized Text Platform property list (com.restonesoftware.TextPlatforms.plist), and in order to share it, it is checked in.

We’ve had everyone make a symbolic link for this file to their project workspace, which works great until someone has to modify the file. At this point, Eggplant obliterates the symlink writing a copy of the Text Platform prefs to that spot instead of chasing the symlink to the correct place to write out the file.

Any chance we could get this fixed? This makes it far too hard to share changes amongst our team. Either chase the symlink, or, the more user frinedly solution of being able to change where Eggplant looks for the text platforms in preferences would be awesome.

Thanks for listening.


The behavior with the location of the overall user defaults and replacement of symlinks isn’t an easy thing to change. However, hopefully we already have something in place for you. From the Eggplant Reference manual:

Sharing Text Platforms with Other Users
All of the text platform information you define in Text preferences is stored in a property list within your user account:

To share platform definitions with another user account, copy this file into that account?s Library/Preferences folder. (This folder is not created until the user changes a text preference.)

Note: You can also copy the com.redstonesoftware.TextPlatforms.plist file into a suite. If this file is present in the top level folder of a suite, the scripts in the suite use the platform definitions in this file.

Those SUITE level files CAN be symlinks and they will NOT be replaced. Please let us know if that solution doesn’t work for your needs.