Swipe pausing

I face an issue where when I swipe, OCR finds the text but passes it until the swipe up is completed and when it taps the the found location, a different text is selected. So I would like to know if there is a way to swipe up, pause it and do OCR check before swiping up. This is used to select a contact on a device. This is my current code.

Set the imageSearchDelay to 0.1

"Common/CommonSUT".waitForAndTapImage "RewardsScroll"

Put 1 into count

Repeat until imagefound(text:"Red",wait:1,ignorecase:yes)

If count is equal 16 then exit repeat

//swipeSpeed 1

Set the SwipeSpeed to 2


Add 1 to count

end Repeat

end If

tap FoundImageLocation()