Support for Version Control

Does Eggplant support version control (like CVS, Tortoise SVN or any other tool) ? :roll:

I am looking for some help document for this… could not find anything relevant.

Eggplant does support version control in that all of the items within it are exposed and can easily be imported. However, we don’t directly integrate with any particular version control system.

At Redstone we use CVS and Subversion but we also know that our customers have successfully integrated with Perforce and others.

For CVS we recommend the excellent Concurrent Version Library client from Sente. Also, we recommend adding the Results and TextImages directories to your ignored files. Finally, Eggplant has a preference to specify directories to exclude from the Suite Editor. By default the CVS directory is listed, to include others you can use this command within a terminal:

defaults write com.redstonesoftware.Eggplant IgnoredImageFiles -array "CVS" "OtherFileName"...

Thank You very much for the information :lol:

Now this is becoming interesting !!!