I have one more tiny feature request. I would like it if the image search type pop=up in the save dialog would remember what what I last chose. I find myself doing large blocks of the same type of image capture at the same time, and I sometimes forget to set the tolerance.

Thanks again for listening,


We can’t do what you ask with the default behavior – Eggplant analyzes each image captured and automatically selects Precise, Tolerant, or Pulsing based on the properties of that image (so despite appearances, it’s not just snapping back to Tolerant all the time). We think that’s an important feature of the image capture routines.

We do have a Preference setting to turn off the autodetection feature, but it’s not working quite the way I thought it was designed, and even if it were, the popup wouldn’t currently be sticky. There’s some debate here over the relative merits of that approach. No matter which way we go with it, someone is always going to forget to change the Search Type at some point and wind up with an image that is potentially unreliable. The question then becomes, is the scenario you describe (lots of selections of a particular type) the most likely reason for disabling autodetection or not?

If you have any additional arguments in support of the “sticky” behavior, let us know.

D’oh! I’d forgotten about that. (Most of the capturing I’m doing at the moment is on Windows, so I never see it automagically change to “Pulsing”). What would make this less bothersome would be the ability to change the properties of multiple images at once. That way, I could go back through and select 'em all on the Images Tab of the Suite window and be done with it–I’d have a way to compensate for my absent-mindedness…

We’ve talked about allowing you to change the search type of multiple images at the same time. I’m not sure if there are significant issues with implementing that, or if it just hasn’t climbed up the feature request list high enough to make it into a release yet. There are times when I would have found it useful as well.

I know it’s not super handy, but you could write a little script to do this change. I imagine you could even do it with SenseTalk … or I’d use perl on the command line for a little search/replace.

Put together a script that grabs all the .imageinfo files, grabs the ‘key’ tag value, and replaces it with whatever value you tell it to.

Once it is written, it would make things easier. Until the feature makes it into the app itself.

If someone has time I’m sure they could post the script on the examples forum.


Thanks for the idea, Chris. I might just have to add this to my list of things to do.

Changing the imageInfo files won’t do much. The searchtype is actually more than just a value in a property list – if you look at the imageinfo files, you won’t find it there for most searchtypes – and the things that you can change, such as the image hotspot, don’t take affect until you restart Eggplant. Sorry, but I wouldn’t want you to waste a lot of effort on something that won’t currently work.