Start Using


Would anyone be able to give me some assistence with the Start using “script” command

My intention is to have a main script which will call various other scripts in order to complete a test.

I have defined some variables in my main script which i am hoping to use in the other scripts

for instance, I have a line of text in script one which i put into the variable text, then script two contains the code for opening the file and writing to it.

I am assuming you use the start using “script2” and that will excute the code for script 2 ?

Hi Matt–

You don’t need “Start Using”. Start Using is a mechanism to add a script into what’s called the “backscripts,” which is handy if you are going to call handlers that reside inside another script file.

All you need to do to call a script from another (provided they are in the same suite) is to say run myscript or you can even say just myscript. Check out the run and run with new results commands in the Using Eggplant Reference for a better description than my sleep-deprived one.


Thanks allen for helping me out

I got myself a little of course because i had a minor typo in my if statment which didn’t allow for some code to execute when it should have.