Start Using

Hey all–

I’m trying to get my Login/OS Detection script cleaned up. Trying to load a suite using start using so that I have access to both images and handlers that are specific to a given OS. Can’t seem to get it to work. I get my favorite error in the whole wide world of eggplant:

STAlert Bad value for Object expression. Looking for an object or script identifier, got ‘foo.suite’.
(SenseTalk Alert: SRUN_BadValue)

Foo exists and is at the folder path that is referenced by “the folder”

I was under the impression that start using would allow me to avoid the use of the Helpers tab. Is that not correct?


To open an Eggplant suite as a helper dynamically you need to use:

You would only need ‘start using’ to access an individual script and it’s embedded handlers, but not the suite’s images (directly) or all of the scripts in the suite.

Hope that helps.

I seem to remember from the advanced sensetalk class that OpenSuite() calls die when a script finishes execution, this is a script that gets called and then other stuff is built on top of the information that is collected about the SUT. If that’s not the case, I’ll certainly use OpenSuite()

Thanks, Jonathan


You are correct, currently open suites are closed when the handler they are opened in finishes. There is not currently a way to open a suite and have it stay open.

This type of functionality might very likely be added in a future release, for now you would need to open it in your topmost handler to have it carry forwrd through your whole script run.