SSH Password Repeat during Login

Hi i am trying to login through ssh from vine viewer to vine server but the the server computer is not allowing it.

What happens is when i create a ssh shell in terminal to my server i am promted with the password over and over again. I know i have entered it right to!

I don’t know why this is. I have tried ssh even with a non-user and the server again give password promt over and over.

Any workaround on this

BTW i have remote login enabled in pref pane


I have tested it here in our Redstone Software labs, and Vine Viewer (ver 1.1) via SSH to a Vine Server (ver 2.1) works as advertised. Please ensure that you have the password/s correct, both set for Vine Viewer, and also for the SSH connection (they will likely not be the same). Also remember you will need to click the “Edit…” button on the connection list in Vine Viewer, enable ssh by clicking Connect Securely (SSH) and also specifying the SSH Login information. Please note also that between Vine Viewer sessions (quiting and relaunching the app) you will either need to respecify the SSH password, or enable the Remember SSH Password.

Hi Todd,
Thanks 4 reply, I believe this software works i never doubted that. The problem i am having is getting the ssh connection working in general.

I cannot connect ssh to my server machine through a terminal shell in osx. What happens is i am promted for the password over and over again. I don’t know why this happens ?

You may want to ensure that your port forwarding is going to the right machine (if you have a firewall and doing forwarding, see a tutorial at that we highly recommend), and although you may think you are using the right password, please double check it and verify. If it doesn’t work at the CLI level, then you are either hitting the wrong host via port forwarding, or you have the wrong password. SSH as you suspect works wonderfully for millions, I hope it can work for you too.

Hi Thanks,
The SSH Password is the same as the user password right ? I know i have entered that right! Ports are forwarded correctly also

Is there a way to reset your SSH in OSX ? Re-key your machine or something


The SSH password for an account should be the same as the user account password on the target ssh system. They are one of the same as far as I know. Since you are having no luck, and I can understand the frustration level at this point must be high, you may want to create another account on the target machine and ensure the right password, ensure proper access, ensure firewall and port forwarding, and try accessing that new account. If that doesn’t work, something between your system of use and the target SSH system is either blocking, mangling your data. I’m out of thoughts on this issue, and hope others can chime in or you may want to check out google results for “OS X SSH password problems”, or something like that for a search string.

Ok Todd, Ill try those things thanks
Perhaps it is Netbarrier software also

Found out the problem it was netbarrier blocking port 22. Even though i set it open. Now when i try to connect i get error
“The authenticity of host 'my comp ip here ’ can’t be established.”
How do i determine the RSA Key on the Host ?

Are you getting that reply in Vine or when trying a direct SSH terminal connection?

You might remove your ~/.ssh/known_hosts file to reset whatever has been recorded about previous connections.

If that doesn’t work, the Vine SSH configuration is controlled by a config file inside the bundle if you need to change some settings:


That did it thanks Johnathan