I recently upgrade from v4 to v10.

In v4 I basically used handler defined in a main script and called from a single runtime script together with parameters. I restructured for v10 as follows:

  • a handler goes in single script in a a suite, the script is then named as the handler (I have aprox 200 handlers to handle, so I am a bit lazy on that side)
Script Name: DoSomething_tParameter
Script Content: to DoSomething_tParameter tParameter
  • the handler call goes in a script in a different suite, the above handler script became the helper suite of that suite
Script Name: Task1, Task2 etc
Script Content: run DoSomething_tParameter "ClickIt"
  • I use the “Schedule” of the latter suite to define running order of the “caller” scripts
Schedule: Task1 

So far everythign seems to work out, exept that I sometimes (seemingly out of nowhere) receive the quoted error.

If I stop the script and restart the given schedule from the last script which throwed the error the script runs again without any problem.

Whats happening…

2009-07-01 20:15:02.226 +0200 FAILURE Screen_Error.tiff SRUN_BadValue Bad value for Object expression. Looking for an object or script identifier, got ‘DoSomethingHandler’. Execution Time 0:00:00 Aplication_DidSomething_01.script

Hm, I may have found the problem(s). I still have many global’s defined where I need now universal’s…

The given schedule seems now to run much more stable…