Speed up VNC?


Is there a way I can speed up my VNC connection?

I have two Mac Pro’s connected (GigaBit) with “Vine Server” and “the Chicken of the VNC”, and it is really slow.
(I get an wavy effect when I move an window)

I can see on an extra monitor that the movements I make with my mouse aren’t delayed that much, only the return video signal is very much delayed.

Is Vine Viewer quicker?

I’m not interested in sharing files over VNC. Only controlling and viewing my second Mac.

What can I do to speed it up?


In some scenarios Vine runs faster than Chicken, but not always.

Some suggestions can be found in the FAQ, here:

Hi Jonathan,

I’ve just tried Vine Viewer, but unfortunately there was no improvement.

I also tried the suggestions from your link, no improvement as well.
(is there an encoding option in Vine Server?)

Could there be an other explanation, why it is so slow?

Is it supposed to view movements smooth, or am I just expecting to much?


Unlike some OS’s there aren’t specific screen copy events when things like windows are moved around. Each mouse move creates a separate draw event for each part of the window. This may improve in Leopard.

Vine Server itself doesn’t enable/disable encodings – it supports almost all encodings and uses whatever is asked for by the client.