Specifying Co-ords For Screencapture on Failure

Hi there,

I was wondering if it is possible to specify the co-ordinates to capture when a default screencapture is triggered on failure?

I’m running on a dual screen but the application is only on the left hand screen, so the captured image is capturign the app and the empty screen which isn’t required.



No, there’s no way of doing that. Aside from your specific case of a dual monitor setup, there’s wouldn’t be much application for that; the idea of the screen capture is that the thing eggPlant was looking for wasn’t found, so we show the whole screen so that you can see the state of the SUT and, I suppose, to prove that the image really wasn’t there.

It won’t help with the final screen capture, but you should set the search rectangle at the start of your script to look at just the area (monitor) where your application is running. This will make your scripts run faster because eggPlant won’t have to search the area of the second monitor for every image (which it’s doing multiple times if the image isn’t found immediately.)

set the searchRectangle to (0,0, 1280, 1024)

Shame theres no option to do that.

Thanks for the suggestion on the search rectangle, I’m already using it in places but will experiment to see if it speeds things up if Iset it at the start of the script.

The other option would be to possibly configure your VNC server to only serve your primary monitor. That will have benefits besides the error screen as well.

Which VNC server are you using?

Thanks, that sounds like it will be just the job! :slight_smile:

I’m using TightVNC for Windows, version 2.0.4