Source Code Integration...

I know that this is a perennial sticking point of mine, but I thought of one small thing that might make working with source control a bit more bearable. Right now, I have Eggplant set to save all when executing a script. If I happen to open up a few files I do not have checked out, I get a bunch of prompts to overwrite, which are followed by prompts to reload the file.

Microsoft Visual Studio has an add-in for source control that automatically checks a file out when you edit it. This is extremely handy. I would love to see Eggplant do just this little bit.

It also does a bunch of other things, but it doesn’t do them so well ;-), so I only use the auto-checkout feature. I handle everything else from the dedicated client.

Thanks for listening.

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll consider this idea in our next round of feature enhancements.