Some Problems

First the vnc software eats of hardware space:
I am not sure what exactly happens but I run your Vnc-Server (3.0) on an CoreDuo Leopard Mac and after about one month there are about 400GB hard disk space eaten up! Just for notification I run about 6 instances of your server and there are at least 3 persons logged in during this month and there is no reboot during this time.
If I restart after this period of time it is all cleaned up again.

Second Problem:
I have activated to start the server during system boot up but it does not work, I have to do it manually then it works.

I am pleased to hear your answers.

Regrades Snoop1990

I run your Vnc-Server (3.0)

Have you tried Vine Server 3.1 beta yet? It fixes a lot of problems.