some bugs observed

Vine is very usefull here to control a dual core MiniMac from a 1GHz Titanium, both with 10.4.9 and 1GB Ram.

but those issues are a little bit annoying:

after each sleep of the slave I need to

  • stop/start the server
  • reconnect, sometimes restart the VineViewer
  • more often than not Scale to fit
  • close the window of the previous connection

usually a second connection to the same slave appears in the connections window

sometimes after reconnecting, the VineViewers desktop becomes totally messed up. its only renewed where the mouse passes through.
only reconnect fixes it

when I copy from VineViewer and paste into Eudora, the text appears with a huuuge font. Pasting into some other txt field and copy again fixes it

I dont quite understand why I had to register just to give this feedback, couldnt you just intall a address?

thank you for fixing!

Hello Matthias,

Thank you for buying and/or using Vine Viewer. Most of the issues you outlined are being addressed in a future release of Vine Viewer.

You may also use our feedback@ address if you feel like sharing with us your thoughts on how to improve our product line and services.


Thank you Todd!

I will use the feedback adress next time :slight_smile:

I just discovered that its not easy to see whether you have an upgrade. There are no version numbers on the site or on the file.

patiently waiting…