slow mac printing of documentation .pdfs

I just got a G5 :smiley: but for some reason, even printing direct to IP to an HP LaserJet 5000 series - it takes about 1 minute plus to print each page of the documentation. It took the same amount of time when I sent the pages to the same printer from a beige G3. But I just sent the same pages from a Pentium III pc and it takes a while for the printer to receive the pages but as soon as they are all there they print one right after the other.

Is anyone else having this problem :shock: if so it would be very cool if this could be fixed or if you have any hints on a solution for me.




Try opening the docs in Apple’s Preview application instead of Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat is doing some stuff like scaling the pages and such and I think that’s what’s causing the slowdown. I printed 3 page from my 800 MHz eMac to a creaky Epson C60 and it took just over a minute for the whole operation.

Tip: You can Control + Click on the Eggplant application in a Finder window and select “Show Package Contents”. Go into Contents/Resources/Documentation, select all the .pdf files and type Command + i. Click the disclosure arrow next to “Open with:” and from the pulldown select Preview (2.1.0 if you’ve got it). Close the panel and the next time you select documentation from the Eggplant Help menu it will open in Preview, which is a much lighter-weight application.