Simple swap problem

I made a list with two items, each with an x and a y property. I try to swap the location of the two items in the list, but it doesn’t work as expected. What’s the problem? Here’s the code:

put ((x:1, y:2), (x:3. y:4)) into list
put list ---------------> outputs ((x:“1”, y:“2”),(x:“3”, y:“4”)) as expected
put item 1 of list into temp
put item 2 of list into item 1 of list
put temp into item 2 of list
put list ---------------> outputs ((x:“1”, y:“2”), (x:“1”, y:“2”)) rather than ((x:“3”, y:“4”), (x:“1”, y:“2”))

It appears you’ve run into an odd bug. We’ll look into getting it fixed right away. In the meantime, you can easily achieve what you want in this case with a single statement:

put (item 2 of list, item 1 of list) into list