Signing Apps for Use With the iOS Gateway

I’m trying to re-sign app with my ios developer information following instruction here
I did re-sign earlier version ipa file successfully with the same device but with new ipa file when I install it keep showing up error

Question is : what is requirement for .ipa file to be signed ? Do I need to do configuration on somewhere before build ?

Make sure that the device that you are trying to install the app on is included in the provisioning profile. Dev-signed apps can only be installed on devices that are registered under your developer account.

I used same device, same provisioning ,certificate. The difference is ipa file. One is earlier build one is latest build. That’s why I asked what requirements for ipa file ?

There are no requirements for the ipa file as far as eggPlant is concerned. The other thing to check is whether the Application Services configured under the AppID in your Apple Developer account match those used by the app itself. You need to have the ones the app uses enabled and the ones it doesn’t use disabled.