Sharing a script

Is eggPlant able to share a common script between multiple login types and run at the same time? We currently run 23 different login types but use the same script. Is it possible to share a common main script?

I don’t understand about the “login types”. I can tell you that you can easily call one script from another, usually by just using the name of the script. So if you have script1 and script2, you can call script2 from script1 by just putting this line in script1:

// or
run script2

You can also parameterize a script by adding the params keyword at the beginning of the script:

params someParam, someOtherParam

I’m also not sure what you mean by “and run at the same time”. You can’t run more than one script at a time except by using multiple instances of eggPlant, which requires a license for each instance.

Hopefully this answers your questions.