Setting Up Floating Licenses

Special instructions for Floating Licenses:

If your order includes floating licenses, you must have an active Floating License Server to manage them, and you will need to license the Floating License Server before you generate your floating client licenses. The Floating License Server is included in the software download; it is automatically installed on Windows and Linux. On MacOS systems, put it in the Applications folder of the machine on which you want to run it. To run the Floating License Server do the following:

[list][*]On the Mac: Launch the Floating License Server as you would any other application. Then under the application menu, select the “Configure As Startup Item” option so that it runs automatically in the future.

[*]On Windows: The Floating License Server application is found in the directory where eggPlant is installed, and on standard installations can be accessed via Start > All Programs > Eggplant > Floating License Server. Add it to your Startup Items so that it runs automatically at user login.

[*]On Linux: Open a terminal window and type the command “efls”. Add this command to the system’s startup script so that it runs automatically when the machine is restarted.
When you run the Floating License Server application for the first time you will be prompted to enter a new license; use the value in the Host ID field of the Licenses panel to generate a license for the Floating License Server under your GreenHouse account. Enter the license key and username in the appropriate fields of the Licenses panel and click the “Add” button.

For the Floating Licenses:

When activating your floating client licenses in GreenHouse, you must specify which Floating License Server they will be associated to. Most customers will have only a single Floating License Server which will be preselected and displayed in the dropdown. If there is more than one Floating License Server on your account, you can choose which one your client license(s) will be associated to; if possible, you should choose one that is on the same subnet as the machine you are licensing.

Once you have the floating client license key and username, they will need to be entered on each machine on which you intend to run eggPlant (you can enter the license on a new machine whenever you need to.)